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Scarborough $1000 Logo Design Package

I'm Alex, the owner and designer at Karbon Branding. Below are the answers to questions you may have about our $1000 logo design package.

Is My Business Ready for Your $1000 Logo Design Package?

Your business is ready for high-quality logo design if:

• You are a business owner with 2 or more years experience in business.

• You want your business and it's offering to appear professional and valuable.

• You have a budget to spend on high-quality design.

Why Should I Choose Your $1000 Logo Design Package?

You should choose Karbon Branding if:

• You want to work with a professional logo designer with over 10 years experience designing business logos.

• You want to work with a logo designer who has created over 100 logo concepts.

• You want to work with a logo designer with a strong portfolio.

What Types of Businesses Do You Design Logos For?

We design logos for:

• Large Organizations (Corporations, Chains, Multi-Location Businesses, Etc.)

• Luxury Companies (Tours, Boating, Vehicle, Spirits, Accessories, Etc.)

• Product Businesses (Electronics, Tools, Clothing, Toys, Home Products, Stationary, Etc.)

• Contractors (Builders, Electricians, Plumbers, Landscapers, Etc.)

• Skilled Professionals (Engineers, Lawyers, Speakers, Accountants, Architects, etc.)

• Food Businesses (Restaurants, Cafes, Breweries, Food Trucks, Packaged Foods, Etc.)

• Service Businesses (Cleaners, Healthcare Providers, Delivery, Child Care, Etc.)

• And More!

How Long Does It Take?

• The process takes 8 to 10 business days (2 weeks).

• It includes 6 design revisions (change requests).

Can I See Your Work Samples?

Yes, scroll down to see our work samples.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our professional logo design process costs $1000 even (no extra tax, it's included).

View Our Work

Our Work

Click the images below to view our brand design work.