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Lasonne Engineering Logo Design Over Industrial Tunnel Image by Karbon Branding
Lasonne Engineering: Logo Design
Lasonne Engineering Logo Design by Karbon Branding
Lasonne Engineering: Logo Design

Lasonne Logo Design


The owner of Lasonne Engineering approached Karbon Branding for a complete logo rework, starting from scratch. It was our responsibility to capture the ethos of the company with a bold mark, while referencing the client's heritage.


Our Ideas

Because of the precise and exacting nature of our client's firm it we decided that communicating authority, accuracy, and capability were paramount. We used geometric design that harmonizes with the typography and ties the entire design together.

Client Input

Our client was happy with the way our design reflects his heritage in a meaningful way, while staying true to the concept of engineering.


Since the launch of Lasonne's new logo our client has experienced tremendous business success, so much so that he remained fully booked with projects throughout 2019, 2020, 2021 and onward.

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