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Homeplus: Service Vehicle Wrap
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Homeplus: Service Vehicle Wrap / Uniform
Homeplus: Service Vehicle Wrap
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Homeplus Branding


It was my job to help Homeplus Duct Cleaning be recognized as a company committed to transparency and delivering meaningful results.


Existing Marketing

Homeplus Duct Cleaning had a simple yet powerful tool to attract new clientele to the business: a 5-star rating on Yelp. This put Jason's company at the top of Yelp in Vancouver. The business also already had a basic website with extensive text information. I translated this company track record into the business's brand style.

My Ideas

From the beginning I felt communicating freshness and purity were important for the growing business. I incorporated a clean, light aesthetic into the logo, website, and vehicle designs to give new customers confidence in the company. I created a solid and trustworthy brand style that communicates the Jason's transparent duct cleaning process and commitment to delivering results that make a difference in the lives of his customers.

Client Input

During the design process Jason was focused on clarity and simplicity. His suggestions helped make the brand transparent and friendly, which works well for his target demographic.


1 year after completing numerous projects for Homeplus Duct Cleaning the company experienced a significant increase in revenue, allowing Jason greater financial freedom and an increase in capital. He continues to receive positive feedback from his customers about the new website.


Whether you need logo design or full branding, pricing starts at $175. There are options depending on your business's needs.

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